Technical Construction Assessor

Competitive salary
United Kingdom

Job Reference: ART-5iNkP8NhPph

The Company

ART Providers (ART) is a UK based organization that supports and prepares apprentices to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills in their chosen field of course programme. It is also part of our mission to help our community build and produce qualified apprentices that would reinforce business growth by bridging employers and apprentices together.

Due to the diverse range of inquiries we receive from apprenticeship candidates, ART is now looking to build a pool of experienced Technical Construction Assessor to help support our apprentices on their apprenticeship journey.


Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Design, develop and deliver an individual programme of training and assessment to ensure successful completion of the apprentice’s individual learning plan within the planned duration.
  • Carry out regular teaching, assessment visits and monitoring for each apprentice. During the visit, plan, assess, set and monitor appropriate targets, identify and address areas of weakness to ensure learner achievement.
  • Monitor progress through an effective programme of tutorial support designed to supplement formal on and off-the-job training and assessment.
  • Assess apprentices’ vocational competence and theoretical knowledge in both a realistic working environment and their place of work against the national vocational qualification criteria.
  • Maintain candidate records and assessment documentation for verification and audit purposes.
  • Participate in the standardisation process to ensure that internal and external verification procedures are met to awarding body standards.
  • Maintain effective and up-to-date tracking systems to ensure apprentice’s progress is openly monitored and any obstacles to achievement are effectively and promptly dealt with.
  • Rigorous monitoring and reviewing outcomes to ensure timely, successful completion across apprenticeship provision.

Your skills and qualifications:

  • Assessor Qualification, e.g. A1, D32, D33, or TAQA
  • Relevant professional qualification at a level suitable for the post at Level 3 or above
  • Able to express ideas succinctly and clearly, both verbally and in writing
  • Able to communicate with a range of learners, staff and employers
  • Able to demonstrate a clear commitment to high standards and the ability to drive continuous improvement
  • An understanding of current developments in related field
  • Up to date working knowledge of new communication technology such as Google products, Slack, etc.

Benefits of joining our team:

  • Competitive Base Pay
  • Flexible working schedule 
  • Fun working environment
  • Unlimited opportunity of career growth