Senior Culinary Chef Apprenticeship

Competitive salary
United Kingdom

Job Reference: ART-o4ZMZMZkaLf

Who are we?

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We are now offering a Senior Culinary Chef Apprenticeship course programme in Level 4. Inquire now!


What will you learn in this course?

The broad purpose of the occupation is to develop new recipes, products and product lines. They will research, responsibly source, develop and launch products to meet specification briefs in line with the organisation’s vision, values and objectives. They will maintain high culinary standards, oversee all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and standards, order and maintain the inventory of food and supplies for developed dishes/menus, maintain compliance and due diligence documentation within the food safety management system to ensure a safe and hygienic kitchen, monitor food and equipment suppliers, develop recipes from scratch or brief, determine the best presentation/packaging of food, maintain or raise the profit margins on food and identify and coordinate training opportunities for staff.


Previous accomplishments are meticulously deliberated from the start to ensure time on the programme is maximized. Our approach is strong Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to guarantee that each Apprentice understands the context of their learning, the assessment methodology and that their future career advancement is carefully mapped into their journey.


Knowledge you’ll gain:

  • The principles of food preparation and cooking, knife selection and handling, taste, diet and nutrition, and how to bring these together in a challenging and time bound environment
  • The business or brand specifications and understand how to use them to create standardised menu items and dishes
  • How technology supports the preparation and production of menu items and dishes
  • How to recognise malfunctions or hazards and work to agreed practices and guidelines to ensure a safe, clean and hygienic kitchen environment
  • How personal approach and performance impacts on the successful production of menu items and dishes
  • How to research up to date knowledge of product range, brand development, promotions and current trends
  • The food safety practices and procedures to ensure the safe preparation, cooking and storage of food in readiness for serving the public or centralised distribution
  • What to look for in ingredients and how to handle and store them to maintain quality, in line with food safety legislation
  • How to support and influence the team positively to deliver a high quality product
  • How all staff and teams are dependent on each other and understand the importance of teamwork both back and front of house in achieving business objectives
  • How to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and recognise how local demographics may impact on the product range of the business
  • How to communicate knowledge and experience to the team and support own and individuals’ development
  • How to operate efficiently to deliver profit margins, reduce wastage and support the overall financial performance of the business
  • Understand legislative responsibilities and the importance of protecting peoples’ health, safety and security
  • How to identify, plan for and minimise risks to the service and operation
  • The customer profile of the business, who its main competitors are and the business growth strategy
  • Understand the supply chain including procurement, traceability, provenance and quality monitoring for your culinary offer
  • The processes policies and procedures of your organisation and a range of establishments relating to the culinary offer
  • The review process to be able to continuously improve the current culinary offer




It is desirable that candidates would have achieved a level 2 in Maths and English (equivalent to GCSE Grade C or above) prior to commencing their Apprenticeship training. Those Apprentices who are yet to achieve a level 2 in English and Maths will have the opportunity to complete these qualifications during their Apprenticeship. However, a level 2 must be achieved in these areas before they qualify for entry to their End Point Assessment (EPA).



  • Apply a range of food preparation, knife and cooking skills and techniques to produce quality dishes in line with business requirements
  • Produce profitable menu items and dishes according to business specifications
  • Use technology appropriately and efficiently to support the production of food and ensure maintenance issues and malfunctions are dealt with promptly
  • Support team to deal with unexpected malfunctions or hazards that disrupt work activities
  • Ensure positive business or brand image is upheld in work activities and the delivery of products at all times
  • Maintain consistency in product and service quality to meet customer requirements
  • Prepare, cook, store or present food to agreed relevant legislative food safety practices and guidelines, ensuring a clean and hygienic kitchen environment is maintained at all times in readiness for serving the public or centralised distribution
  • Take responsibility for the safe storage, preparation, cooking and presentation of ingredients to deliver a quality product that is safe for instant consumption or centralized distribution
  • Manage self and other to ensure the food produced is of high quality, delivered on time and to specification
  • Adopt problem solving judgements to identify and deal with problems within the team and across the organization to drive a positive outcome
  • Use effective methods of communication and operate in a fair and empathic manner that achieves the desired result and demonstrates a customer centric culture
  • Identify skills development needs and actively encourage and support individuals and self to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Monitor costs, using forecasting to set realistic targets with the team; effectively control resource allocation; minimise wastage and use sustainable working practices
  • Comply with relevant legal requirements and maintain the safety and security of people at all times
  • Risk assess situations, identifying and isolating matters of concern, by establishing the cause and intervening accordingly to minimise any risk to people and comply with legislation
  • Apply business and brand values that actively market the business, support competitiveness and help meet business objectives
  • Execute organisation process, policies and procedures for the supply chain including procurement, traceability, provenance and quality monitoring
  • Research and respond timely to sector trends when maintaining and reviewing the culinary offer



  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Welcome feedback, be proactive and solution focused
  • Be committed to the culture vision and values of the business
  • Lead by example
  • Commit to and reflect on own continuous professional development and learning
  • Celebrate personal and organisations achievement

Once you have completed this Apprenticeship, you could progress on to the following:

  • a senior culinary chef role

Level: 4
Maximum funding: Competitive

Course Length: 22 months

Learning method: Workplace (direct delivery)